Essay about Obesity : Childhood Obesity And Obesity

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Obesity is a major concern in the United States as the nation holds the number one position for the highest rates of obesity around the world. Approximately 43 million individuals suffer from obesity and from that population 16-18% include obese children . Obesity is associated with many serious health concerns, including high blood pressure, cardiovascular disease, diabetes, and decreased life expectancy . These health consequences can impact a child at a young age and leave them with long-term health effects. Government and community organizations know of the growing epidemic and have designed programs to prevent and treat childhood obesity. While consumption of unhealthy food and decreased physical activity are components to children becoming obese, the eating and exercise habits children learn from their parents also contributes to obesity. The media and researchers have analyzed the relationship between childhood obesity and the role the parent has in this unhealthy trend. Parents should promote healthy habits by taking advantage of pre-existing programs such as the White House Task Force and the YMCA that are tailored to prevent and treat obesity in children.
Parents Model Eating Behaviors
Parents influence children 's food preferences and eating behaviors by making certain foods available rather than others, and by acting as models of eating behavior . This process is known as parental modeling which uses observational learning. Through observational learning the…

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