Essay Obesity, By Anup Shah

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The article I chose to write about is titled “Obesity” and is written by Anup Shah. The article discusses how over time the rate of obesity has skyrocketed to extremely high rates. It addresses obesity at a global, national, local, and individual standpoint and how the rate of obesity can be lowered. Throughout the article it states the many health risks that can occur while being obese, and the various causes of obesity.

Theories about obesity are plentiful, but none are specific to all individuals. There are many causes of obesity. The most common cause is excessive intake of calories. Other factors may include dietary habits, lifestyle, genetics, or psychological disorders. Obesity can be due to different medical conditions as well.

Obesity is something that is difficult to overcome as it is. Especially today as commercial markets include large varieties of foods that are unhealthy and mainly marketed towards younger people. The world’s most recognizable brands revolve around the food industry, but it has not always been this way. In the agricultural period, about three million years ago, how you ate was based on your hunting and collecting skills. A little later came the stages of domestication of plants and animals as food sources. In the 1900s a combination of agricultural and industrial activities and services were used to get food. Skip to the 21st century, the globalized economy has created new patterns of life and work, which has adverse effects on food…

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