Obesity : Are People Overweight? Essay

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One major debate in today’s society is: are people overweight because of an economical standpoint, or because of a refusal to make healthy lifestyle choices? Higher calorie, energy dense food is certainly less expensive; yet, it is an individual choice to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Low income people often work multiple jobs, leading to stress and overeating as well; therefore, poverty certainly is a contributing factor to obesity in American society today.
Purchasing high-fat, calorie dense food is cheaper then buying the rich and colorful diet recommended by doctors. When individuals are forced to buy food on a limited budget, eyes will be drawn towards filling, rather than healthful options. The article, “Why Low-Income and Food Insecure People are Vulnerable to Overweight and Obesity” reports households with lower income tend to stretch a food budget, by buying energy-dense, hearty items. Stretching a food budget, makes it challenging to buy the expensive fruits, vegetables and whole grains recommended for a healthful diet. The amount of money families and individuals are spending on food has grown significantly in recent years. Researchers at the Center of Public Health and Nutrition at the University of Washington reported in the article “Can You Afford to Eat Right” energy dense food per day costs $3.52, while nutrient dense food costs $36.32, based on a 2,000 calorie diet (4+). Nutrient dense food is ten times more expensive than…

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