Obesity In Society Essay

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Obesity is a condition in which a person who is overweight increases their chances of health problems. Obesity occurs when people often eat or take in more calories than they are burning. People can be classified as obese or overweight if their body mass index (BMI) is over thirty. Obesity rates have been growing between different age groups, races, ethnic groups, and genders. In order to fight obesity, one must follow a strict diet and exercise, however, peer pressure, and unhealthy food choices could deteriorate this process. Obesity is a condition that can and should be monitored to prevent unhealthy lifestyles for many Americans. Society has a great impact on the obese people today. Since obesity is a physical condition, it can be seen by public eyes without the need of doctor’s eyes. People view society in many different ways. According to Marc Ambinder from “Beating Obesity” he views the obese people in a negative way. He states that the public does not want to see them, pay for their Medicare or even be contaminated by them. As well as argues that if our country wants less obese people then we must treat them with respect, and address issues that stand between them and their health (2). Others believe that it is the thin …show more content…
Peer pressure and advertising has helped Americans fall short with the flow of becoming obese. There are many things that can lead the average American to becoming overweight; however some people cannot control how high their BMI is. It all depends on the energy intake that a person consumes. When energy intake is over extended for long periods of time people will start to grow wider. There are many factors that increase weight gain like, genes, early life examples, unhealthy diets, too much television, little physical activity, not enough sleep and the food in our environment. It is extremely necessary to change the average Americans relationship with their

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