Obesity And The United States Essay

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There is a epidemic facing that has facing Americans for years. It’s not the regular epidemic that people are used to such as illness or some other outbreak. Obesity is affecting people of every age and gender more in the past ten years, then from the years 1900-1999. According to research done by the National Institute of Health, one in three adults are considered obese and one in six children ages ranging from 6 to 19 year old are considered obese today. This makes us the number one most obese nation in the world. Compared to the 1960s, the average American today is 24 pounds heavier says research from Trust for America’s Health. Why is this though, that obesity has tripled for adults and doubled for Children? Could it be from the lack a nutritional value in today’s food, or even that kids aren’t as active?
Nutrition is paying the largest tribute to obesity in the United States. People aren’t balancing their energy levels according to the National Health Institute. The average sedentary American diet is based off of a 1600-2,000 calorie diet, if you are mildly active it’s based of an 1,800-2,200 and for very active people it is based off of of a 2,000- 2,200 calorie diet. This is not including sugars, carbohydrates and other nutritional factors. For a person to even out their energy level they must expend as many calories as they take in. However, according to the United State Department of Agriculture the average American takes in roughly 3,700 calories a day. It only…

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