Essay on Obesity And The United States Obesity

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Obesity is a disease that is linked to bad nutrition where the body stored excess fat and is unhealthy. When the dodies mass index is over 30 kilograms. Obesity happens when the amount of food taken in goes over the amount burned off. Obesity causes diseases and death. In the United States obesity has become a big problem. In the past thirty years, the number of overweight people has gone up a lot. “A study done by the Centers of Disease Control showed that since 1980, one third of our adult population has become overweight.” (Klatt )
America has the fattest people. “According to a report in the Journal of the American Medical Association, 58 million people in our country weigh over 20 percent of their body’s ideal weight.The article “Fat Times” states, “If this were about tuberculosis, it would be called an epidemic”(Elmer-Dewitt 58). Obesity affects children and adults and has become a serious problem. Many overweight people end up with Type 2 diabetes, high blood cholesterol, high blood pressure, and heart problems. children spend too much time in front of the television, playing video games, or spending time on the computer. They are also eating high calorie snacks, sodas and candy. many people go out to eat and consume a lot of calories along with not getting enough exercise. Obesity has become an epidemic in this country.

People on a daily basis eat more calories than what they burn because they get lazy to do thing to burn the calories that they ate. two…

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