Obesity And The Medical Condition Essays

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Through weeks one and five, I discussed childhood obesity and how the medical condition starts in the home. Whether the condition is inherited, brought on by diabetes or caused from a mental condition it generally starts in the home. It has been a problem in homes, schools and in adulthood, but does not stop there. Obesity has become an issue because it still has not reached it source enough, the home. After obesity falls into adulthood it can cause other medical conditions such as, certain cancers, cardiovascular disease, hypertension and diabetes. I cannot stress enough about this; it is definitely a problem here in the United States even more so than any other country. There is a lot of information to prove childhood and adult obesity exists. It is a medical condition that is a current issue that contributes to a lot of other problems as stated before. Obesity is note worthy and needs attention because it causes other conditions to appear or become worse. In week five, I demonstrated how obesity and diabetes were connected and the clinical aspects in healthcare issues. When people get older it is all about lifestyle changes, if you are already over weight as you get older, the more likely you will stay that way, if you do not make a change in your life. If we start with childhood obesity, then as they become adults they might have a chance at beating these other disease such as, diabetes, cardiovascular disease, hypertension, certain cancers, and other…

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