Obesity And The Fast Food Industry Essay

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When it comes to obesity, America is at the top of the list. Obesity rates have been increasing every year, and every year more people die from obesity related diseases. The basis for this epidemic is obvious, all you have to do is take a look around you. Fast food restaurants are located on every block, advanced technology has convinced humans that they are no longer needed when it comes to hard labor, which unfortunately has made Americans more lazy; the levels of stress people gain due to this major transformation have increased. Stress is a major factor when it comes to weight gain, and excessive consuming of unhealthy carbohydrates. There are several ways to prevent obesity from taking over our generation, and not making us the first generation to die young of obesity related diseases. The consumer and the fast food industry are both responsible for causing a national and worldwide epidemic. The number of fast food places increased so rapidly that there is a total of 160,000 restaurants in America now (numberof). All these fast food places serve similar foods; foods that are precooked, frozen foods, which are usually thawed out by boiling in hot oil (TeenInk). With the easy access to restaurants, people find it more convenient and cheaper to eat from one of the unhealthiest restaurants. Since obesity became a national epidemic, thats when the government realized that they have done very little to avoid this issue. Fast food industry may have changed the type of oil…

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