Happy Meal Analysis

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1. The experiment consisted of him eating McDonalds every day, every meal, and for one month. He also had to eat three meals a day and keep a food log. He was not allowed to exercise and could not go over 5,000 steps per day. It affected his psychological health because as the experiment progressed he said that he was becoming more and more depressed, but while he was eating he felt good. It also affected his physical health because by day 12, he had already gained 17 lbs.
2. The marketing of food is producing more obesity in people because of who they are mostly targeting. In the movie, it went into depth about how fast food companies are luring children in with toys, specialized meals (Happy Meal), playgrounds, characters like Ronald McDonald,
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When he talked to people on the street the questions that he asked were “When and how much do you eat fast food?”, “What is your favorite place to eat?”, and what they thought about the lawsuit that was going on with the girls that were suing fast food companies. People were the most opinioned about the last question because most of the people thought that it was the girls fault for becoming obese not the fast food restaurants. The one man said that the girls didn’t have to go to the fast food restaurants, it was their choice. I agree and disagree with him because the girls were around the age 13 and children that are around that age usually eat whatever is being served to them. Personally, I blame the parents for them becoming obese because I think it is the parent’s job to instill into their children the importance of nutrition and overall …show more content…
Our daily lives are contributing to the increase of obesity because of laziness and overconsumption of fast food. People are becoming lazier because of the dependence of machinery. From cars to cell phones, we are constantly trying to find the quickest way possible with least amount of effort. That has correlated immensely to peoples’ waistlines. People are over consuming fast food and eating out more than they should be. It goes back to the idea of laziness because people are searching for the most convenient way of eating not the healthiest. There has been some improvement in the last few years but there is still a long road ahead if people want to see the obesity rates go down. I definitely found this film to be both educational and beneficial because it just motivates me even more to want to change the world that we are living in to a healthier

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