Essay on Obesity And Its Effects On Unhealthy Foods

791 Words Nov 17th, 2016 4 Pages
“My son’s death is something I will never stop fighting for in preventing other parents from going through the same heart breaking tragedy”, said the mother of John Kaye who died from heart attack at the age of 10 due to being obese. Having increased incredibly in the past thirty years, obesity and overweight has taken over the lives of millions of children leading to extremely serious health consequences. Obesity is not only a life threatening issue but also a serious social, environmental, and psychological problem that affects people of all ages and groups. This has lead to the solution of placing fat taxes on unhealthy foods. In this essay i will appraise on how suitable fat tax is as a solution to dealing with obesity and propose better ways to solve this issue.

Several researches demonstrate that price can have a major effect on the food choices that people make, and that by changing the prices of certain foods we can improve population health. This can be compared by the fact of how price changing has effected the purchasing of cigarettes and alcohol. This can be assumed as a reason of why the idea of placing taxes on unhealthy foods has become a solution to obesity. Even though the evidence of this phenomenon is limited, several researches have shown that by increasing the prices on unhealthy food by placing higher taxes on them and at the same time decreasing the cost of healthier foods, this may lead to a higher consumption of healthy to unhealthy foods. A study…

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