Obesity And Its Effects On The Health Of The People Essay

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Obesity is a major problem in American society. In a recent study by the World Health Organization states that about one-third of American citizens are obese or severely overweight. Consequently, an increasing number of adults and children alike are suffering the effects of obesity from diabetes to heart disease. Americans dietary choices directly impact the health of the people. Conversely, the Chinese community sees a very much less prevalence of overweight members of their society. A study published by the World Health Organization stated that only about eighteen percent of Chinese citizens are obese. This trend has much to do with the differences in the diet of the two countries. American cuisine is infamous for their deep fried, greasy, meaty and superfluous amounts of food that comes on a disproportional sized plate. Most of American food is fried or otherwise has a high percentage of unhealthy oil or grease. For example, hamburgers, steaks, pizza, bacon, fried chicken or sausages are common staple diet of average United States citizen. These foods contain unnatural amounts of saturated fat which increases cholesterol level and the probability of a heart disease. As things are cheaper in the states, Americans tend to dine out more than do most other countries. Thus, their daily food intake and nutrition are at the mercy of fast food chains and restaurants. Americans depend on carbohydrates, which are foods that contain white flour, such as white breads, pasta,…

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