Obesity And Its Effects On The Children Of America Essay

1506 Words Mar 20th, 2016 null Page
Over the last few decades, an epidemic has been plaguing the children of America. Obesity is slowly killing them from the inside and ruining their futures. This disease can affect physical and psychological development during their adolescent years. Obesity is caused by choices made by both the child 's parents and the child themselves. By examining what causes obesity in general and the different methods of reversing this trend, we can help improve the lives and the futures of these children. While it is the parent’s right to treat their kids how they see fit, allowing children to become overweight and obese is neither in the child’s nor the communities best interest.

Obesity is a lifestyle disease. Many factors can play a role in weight gain. Environmental, social, lifestyle and financial factors may contribute towards being overweight or obese. Many low-cost foods have low satiety and lack adequate nutritional content. This is allows low income families to buy higher quantities of unhealthy food. While some people claim they gain weight due to genetic predisposition, the most common cause is a combination of poor nutrition, consumption of excess calories, and lack of sufficient exercise. “There is evidence of the association between sedentariness, poor health, obesity, diabetes, other metabolic diseases, and premature death. Sedentary individuals move 2 h per day less than active individuals and expend less energy, and they are thereby prone to obesity, chronic metabolic…

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