Obesity And Its Effects On Society Essay

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Obesity is a problem that is becoming more and more visible in today’s society. In the Merriam Webster dictionary, obesity can be defined as the condition of having excessive accumulation and storage of fat in the body (Obesity Definition, n.d). It is a pandemic that is affecting many people from children to senior citizens. Obesity can also be more common in certain races, starting with Hispanics at 42.5% then, non-Hispanic whites 34.5%, non-Hispanic Asians 11.7%. In comparison to age, obesity is higher among adults ages 40-59 years 40.2% and older adults over 60 years 37%, whereas younger adults 20-39 is only 32.3% (Adult Obesity Facts, n. d). In total obesity affects over 500 million adults worldwide (Obesity Facts, n.d). The statistical study that I have created focuses on the causes, prevention, and statistics of obesity and its effects on society. Obesity is a problem in today’s society that needs to be corrected before it becomes deadly.
Obesity is a subject that really needs to have more attention drawn to it. Obesity is the fifth leading cause of death globally. Each year over 2.8 million adults die from obesity. Not only is obesity a problem with adults, in 2011, 40 million children under the age of 5 were overweight and borderline obese (Obesity Facts, n.d).Not only is it affecting mankind but it is affecting our economy, the medical costs of obesity in the U.S was about $147 billion, the medical costs where $1429 higher than people with normal weight (Adult…

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