Obesity And Its Effects On Society Essay

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Obesity, a term coined for the people being under the state of having excessive fat in their bodies; that may cause medical issues such as coronary heart disease. It laid invisible across the centuries it has plague the human race, we didn’t even care about it until recently. The world started noticing this pandemic, an epidemic that is worldwide and realized that it is not just a small issue (Tortora, Funke, and Case 409). It has been an underlying problem that has plagued the world, being a minor problem to person. Obesity has evolved from a simple form that only a few people possess, to a major health risk that hordes of individuals now retain. People know little of what obesity can actually do to you to an individual. It is not something that we can just ignore and forget about because it involves even in terms of evolution and genes, the basic physical and functional unit of hereditary (Neall par. 1). People need to know what it is, what causes it, what effects it causes, how to prevent it, and how to cure it. I do not know myself on scientific facts on what obesity can do to a person, but I have experienced on what it is like to be obese. I used to be considered obese back ever since I was just a kindergarten child to the end of high school. Weighing a maximum of around 300 lbs. it has become a serious problem, physically and somewhat mentally. Physically, I can’t move that much, I get fatigued easily, even when I just walk. Every time I do a small jog, my heart…

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