Obesity And Its Effects On Obesity Essay

1793 Words Nov 20th, 2015 null Page
Nearly ⅔ of the American adult population suffers from either obesity or being overweight. Obesity has been on a rapid surge in the last one-two decades and will continue to increase if lifestyle changes aren’t made in some people’s lives. Obesity has developed into a troublesome lifestyle for many Americans. Lack of exercise and the fast pace life of the modern American is the main culprit of the Obesity epidemic. Only in rare cases of obesity are genes to blame. 217 million Americans can’t blame genes or heredity for being overweight or obese. Obesity, in most cases is completely preventable and even treatable with adequate diet and exercise. There are many factors and combination of factors that can result in this severe issue. Some of the more obvious factors are lack of exercise, poor diet, fast-food chain increase, and environmental factors. Obesity can cause some very serious health problems and can decrease a person’s quality of life and increase their risk of early death. According to Mercola.com, a medical website, nearly 2.8 million people die from obesity each year around the world. 20% of all deaths are a direct result of obesity in adults ages 40-75. Solving the obesity puzzle is urgent for several reasons. The most important reason is because it takes many lives each year and causes severe health concerns. Another thing to consider is the economic strain it puts on America and the costs of healthcare for obesity related issues. source The United…

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