Obesity : America Is A Huge Problem Essay

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Obesity in America

Obesity in America is a huge problem for many different reasons like food portions being so large, and people eating their feelings, also just the fact there are so many different forms of junk food and fatty foods around that there really isn 't room for healthy foods at normal grocery stores, and the health food stores are really expensive so people can 't afford to buy health foods. the united states obesity rate has more than doubled since 1970s and the rates keep going up higher each year, if the government and society aren 't going to do anything about it than we as a community need to find ways to make it known that this is a big problem and it needs to be solved or at least needs to get better each year and instead of going up it goes down. This affects daily life as when your obese you can 't really do anything like exercise and even getting out of bed is a chore because your so unhealthy you have no motivation to do anything except sleep and eat and it can leas to many health risks such as depression, anxiety, heart complication, breathing problems, blood clots, etc.. and in even extreme cases it can lead to death. Which affects relationships, and you become pretty lonely and bitter. Portion size in America is one of the biggest reasons the obesity rates are so high especially because of all the free refills , and endless buffets, and side orders, even all you can eat sometimes is on the menu, and personally because…

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