Obesity : America For Many Generations Essay

1354 Words Dec 15th, 2014 null Page
More that one-third of American adults is obese. (Adult) The Obesity is when a person has too much body fat. Being obese has become more and more common in America and is starting to trend. Obesity has haunted America for many generations; I will tell you about the background of obesity in America, Analyze the problem, talk about solutions, and the benefits of using the solutions. To fight something, you must know more about it and the background.
What we are fighting is not just a shape or how a person looks, but how we are eating and the activity that we are involved in everyday. In schools all around the world obesity is growing due to poor nutrition and a lack of physical activity. But, not only is it showing in schools, it’s showing everywhere we look. So many people are affected by it. Not only the ones who are obese but when they have babies, it can be passed down to their young. America, and even the whole world has been dealing with obesity for a very long time. It has grown and grown and in the 1980’s obesity was first recognized as an epidemic because of all of the people it started affecting. Only recently has it grown at an uncontrollable rate. It’s grown so out of hand that in 2004 Medicare announced Obesity has a disease. (Andrus) We ourselves need to see what we are doing and make a change.
Americans don’t seem to notice a lot of the little things that make them more prone to being obese. One of the worst things that so many people do is overeat.…

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