Obesity Affects 37 % Of Americans Today Essay

1263 Words Mar 26th, 2016 6 Pages
Obesity affects 37% of Americans today, there are ways we should help these people by possibly educating family of the bad food and what it does to their health. As well as showing them to prepare healthy food for their families so they will be able to eat better together. All Families should be able to have access to all types of food without having to pay more for certain types of foods by which I mean bad food, taxing bad food won’t help families to eat better it is a disturbance to average everyday life. If we decided to start to tax bad food those who cannot afford it will begin to steal or find other ways to get the bad food. I know it is just a way the government wants to help, but there is more that cause the obesity rate go up not just the bad food although bad food if a part of the obesity problem. Deciding to put taxes on bad food might push unhealthy eater to buy healthier food, but what about those who have their health, should all of Americans be punished for wanting just a piece of candy. A tax on unhealthy food won 't just affect those with an obesity problem.
Taxing bad food, maybe bring down the obesity problem in America, but honestly not everyone is America is obesity nor has a problem with eating healthy should those who just want a snack be punished. If people want to prevent others from over eating junk food they should knowledge others instead of setting rules on their lifestyle. Junk food is not that bad for you as long as it is moderation that is…

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