Obesity : A Vegetarian Right Now Essays

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A huge trend is to go vegan now, which is tremendous for the environment and to your health, as long as you know the key nutrients to be getting. There 's five main nutrients/ components that vegans (and any person really) need to make sure they get enough of. Protein, iron, calcium, omega 3, and B12. It’ll help you to know where to get them from, and the consequences of not getting enough. Elementary school was when I first tried to go vegan. I’ve tried and tried and tried throughout my life. I 'm lacto-vegetarian right now and still trying to go vegan. I’ve studied many of these foods and their properties and I always hear about people that got sick from not getting enough nutrients from their diet and so i’m here to help. Protein is one of the biggest questions vegans/vegetarians are asked.. There are many other ways to get protein other than by animals. Protein is needed in the body, but not in huge amounts as everyone thinks. The average recommended intake of protein is 42 grams a day. In recent studies, people have been known to be getting 70% more protein than recommended (Imatome-Yun). In recommended amounts protein can help maintain muscle and bones, keeping the immune system sturdy, and prevent fatigue. When you get too much protein may cause a higher risk of osteoporosis and kidney disease (Mengels). There are many ways to get protein; Legumes, seitan, amaranth, quinoa, pistachios, Hemp seeds, and pumpkin seeds. Most grains don’t hold much protein, but quinoa is…

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