Obesity : A Serious Health Issue Essay

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Obesity is a serious health issue in many countries and New Zealand is one of the country where obesity is a serious health issue for many New Zealanders. Obesity is when a person has accumulated so much body fat in their body which leads to a negative effect on their health. Obesity is categorised as having a Body Mass Index (BMI) of 30 or greater. It is measured using BMI – e.g., less than 25 is normal, 25 – 29 is overweight and over 30 is obese (BMI = Weight (in KG)/Height x height (in metres).It is a serious health problem that affects many children and adults’. Being obese can lead to high blood pressure, heart attack, heart failure, kidney failure and type 2 diabetes. Obesity is caused by lack of physical activities, nowadays children watch TV a lot and play computer games using a tablet, iPad and phone which makes them become less active physically. Many teenagers and children spend most of their time sitting and sleeping on the couch using their phones and iPad instead of going out doing physical activities with leads them to come become obese.
1. What are the two social factors that relate to or affect your health issue? E.g. age, education, lifestyle
Obesity is a serious health issue in New Zealand but it has become normalised in our society. According to Kelly, S., & Swinburn, B. (2015). “New Zealand has the third largest percentage of overweight and obese children in the OECD after Greece and Italy.” Several researchers have discovered that “One third of New…

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