Obesity : A Conservative Nation Of Terms Of Lifestyle Essay

947 Words Mar 11th, 2016 4 Pages
America is a very liberal nation in terms of lifestyle. Although unique in its culture, some nations disapprove of the common way of life in the United States. There are many stereotypes about Americans that foreigners believe to be true. Other than the obvious difference in accent, their appearance and the way they carry themselves, Americans are known for being proud of their freedom and often boast about how they live in the best place on earth. Obesity is known to be a prominent issue in America and across the world. Obesity was mentioned several times during the interviews with foreigners due to the common American habit of having a burger and coke as a meal on a regular basis. The stature and style seems to others that they don 't care what others think. This is the same view that people have when they witness anyone foreign to their region. One of the interviewees stated that Americans are loud when they are in a social setting, they want to make sure everyone has a fun time. Another noticed that Americans are more outgoing and always want to meet new people from around the world. By showing emotion, credibility, and common sense, the author proves that many stereotypes about Americans are true. The audience is directly focused on Americans. Their eating habits and behavior in public was a common assumption of what an American throughout the interview process. Americans can relate by seeing a foreign person within their own country, this video just describes the…

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