Obamacare : The Affordable Care Act Essay

917 Words Sep 26th, 2015 4 Pages
After much scrutiny, The Affordable Care Act, termed “Obamacare,” finally passed through The Senate and House of Representatives, and upheld by the Supreme Court on June 28th, 2012. Through its’ passing, it caused millions of American’s healthcare insurance rates to skyrocket, and drove up insurance rates nationwide. On another note, this also opened insurance to millions of American’s who lacked any kind of health insurance at all. Throughout the country, there is evidence if we walk into doctors’ offices and try to make appointments, a lot of times we are turned away, especially if the doctors are specialists. Physicians who refuse to help Americans’ with government based insurance are detrimental to society in multiple ways. There must be an adequate solution to allow both doctors and physicians to accept all forms of insurance. In addition, regardless of the funds received by doctors due to healthcare remunerations, treat patients nationwide equally, rather than being turned down due to a bias of specific healthcare insurance acceptance and the reimbursements received, and ensure the quality of care of all citizens. Patients all over the country are scrambling for adequate healthcare services from physicians. Due to low reimbursements from the insurance companies, physicians are choosing to opt-out of accepting the insurance plans. Physicians nationwide, upon graduating and becoming a doctor, takes the Hippocratic Oath. The primary principles of the Hippocratic Oath is,…

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