Obamacare : The Affordable Care Act Essay

1942 Words Nov 9th, 2016 8 Pages
In 2010, The Affordable Care Act, commonly known as Obamacare, was implemented across the United States to address the foremost issues in today’s Healthcare. These problems include lack of accessibility to quality healthcare, growing cost of care, and quality of care. While the affordable care act addresses concern of access to care for the underprivileged, it creates other new complications regarding cost and quality. Obamacare has succeeded in making care more accessible and now millions of Americans are now newly insured under government subsidized healthcare exchanges. However, the cost of care for those previously insured from either their employer or privately has increased dramatically. An additional concern becomes the issue of quality of care. The Physician Assistant actively takes part in addressing these concerns and contributing to the resolve.

The implementation of the Affordable Care Act has dramatically affected the role of the Physician Assistant. It has increased demand, opportunity, enhanced scope of practice and recognition. The increase in demand arises from the increased access to more patients and the shortage of physicians to treat them. “Under the Affordable Care Act, patients who may have been uninsured due to preexisting conditions or limited finances can secure affordable health plans through the health insurance marketplace in their state”. Patients who have previously not been able to afford care or who have been denied coverage are now being…

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