Essay on Obamacare ( Affordable Care Act )

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Why do Americans need healthcare? Healthcare is just like any other insurance, it’s in place for “just-incase” situations. According to BlueCross BlueShield, “The average cost of a trip to the emergency room for an adult is about $700, not including any tests or hospitalization, which may increase the bill to well over $1,000, a broken leg can cost up to $7,500, average costs for childbirth are up to $8,800, and well over $10,000 for C-section delivery, and the total cost of a hip replacement can run a whopping $32,000.” With the chances of an accident being so like you can’t help but wonder, what is the government doing to protect its citizens? Then again, is it the government’s responsibility to provide health care or the people’s responsibility to obtain it themselves? Obamacare is the government taking action on healthcare. The debate on Obamacare (Affordable Care Act) is if the government should force everyone to have healthcare or not.
“Obamacare focuses on improving healthcare nationwide, providing better and more effective healthcare to Americans, offering more affordable choices to those without insurance or those who dislike their current plans, Reforming the way that insurers and providers offer their services, putting regulations into place to keep insurers and providers honest, reducing the amount of spending generated through an inflated healthcare system, and providing incentives like tax breaks to small businesses so that they cover their…

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