Obamacare A Noun Has Changed The Course Of Our Nation 's Progress

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Obamacare a noun has changed the course of our nation’s progress The ACA(Affordable Care Act) was introduced and activated to present the american people with elevated quality health insurance that they and their families could not break the bank when purchasing. Throughout this paper I will give my absolute best ability through sources that I find on the internet and outside references in books and catalogs that I will list below. I claim none of this info as my own as I have no idea what Obamacare is so I am learning this alongside my readers and you Tim. In my research for this paper I sat in the Library with a copy of, “A second Opinion, Rescuing America’s Health Care,” By ,”Arnold S. Relman, M.D,” a flash of a great Idea in 2007 that is now relegated to RA 395 .A3R45 in our library where I was probably the first one to read it since it’s placement there. After jumping to Chapter 11 titled, “The Reform we need” I was struck by the number, “ In 2007 we spent nearly $7,000 a year per person and roughly $25,000 per family on health care.” Pg 113, After googling the 2016 value I was able to come accross the 2015 value which has increased to nearly $10,000 per year I was able to come accross an incredible website that releases all of the governments spending in 2016 (http://www.usgovernmentspending.com/spending_chart_2006_2021USb_10t) but by the time you read this I would have run this by you and the number for 2016 is …. My further research led me to a discussion that…

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