Essay on Obama 's Campaign On Campaign

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It had been argued for a long time now that campaign spending isn’t as influential in the election as the conventional wisdom hold by each candidate but the truth is that for many decades now (at least until the last election) Candidates who raise a lot of money tend to do better, and it’s more likely than not that at least part of this relationship is due to money paying for things like ads and canvassers that help candidates win over new voters and/or turn out their bases. But, we should also keep in mind that successful candidates possess attributes that are useful for both raising money and winning votes (e.g., charisma, popular policy positions, etc.). Looking back to the 2008 election, Obama 's victory in the general election was aided by his tremendous fund-raising success. Starting in 2007, his campaign relied on donors. Barack Obama raised approximatively $750 million from donors, and had surpassed all of his White House opponents that year and also surpassed the total amount of money raised by all of the presidential candidates combined in 2004. The Obama fundraising increased significantly compared to the levels that have been achieved in previous presidential elections. Therefore it clearly appeared that there were strong connection between campaigns funding are election outcomes. But the actual campaign has turned upside down the existing thought on an existing covariance between money spending and election turnout. Jeb bush case is the perfect example to…

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