Essay Obama 's Campaign Finance Reform

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John McCain the senior senator from Arizona was one of the leading proponents supporting campaign finance reform. However, not everyone else in Washington agreed with him. He began to see how murky the waters of politics were becoming with the influence of money in the process of elections. McCain got together with Ross Feingold and drafted the McCain-Feingold Act to try to curb the corruption that was beginning to turn Washington into a free for all. Prior to this act politics and the influx of mass amounts of money supporting candidates for office had become widespread, and yet nobody wanted to tackle this gross issue. McCain-Feingold set to prohibit corporations from spending money on broadcast electioneering communication during the time of an election. This attempt to reform campaign finance prohibited corporations from spending money to broadcast their opinions. This act was intended to restrict political spending or now defined as “speech” by the Citizens decision, also setting limits on when and where these broadcast would take place. Many feel this restricted the rights of unions and corporations to express their views during the political processes most crucial hours, which is days before the election. In other words, the law heavily restricted corporations ' political speech in the form of spending, as well as the timing and forum of broadcasts. Labor unions had been similarly restrained under federal law for over six years. The McCain-Feingold act saw a need to…

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