Essay about Obama And Donald Trump : A Better Fit For The Presidency

1110 Words Nov 10th, 2016 5 Pages
With everyone putting in their two cents on the conclusion of this election, I figured it was worth my time to say a few things. Even if this rant/analysis goes unnoticed, I just need to get a few things off my chest:

First and foremost, I am disappointed to see many people throwing third-party voters under the bus. I have read a plethora of articles and tweets blaming them for the outcome, and frankly it is not fair to them. You cannot ignore the fact that both Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump were unpopular going into Tuesday. Some people wanted serious change outside of supporting the lesser of two evils. Some saw that in Gary Johnson, and others in Jill Stein. They felt one of those two would be a better fit for the presidency than the two major candidates. In a time period when people want more options in regards to political parties, it is incredibly sophomoric to criticize third-party voters for going after what they and many others desire. The people who started their analysis by blaming (not acknowledging, big difference) third-party voters should be ashamed of themselves and serve as an embarrassing reminder of the witch hunts people start when things do not happen according to their preferred plan.

There are a lot of factors related to a candidate 's performance (race being the leading one at this moment in the post-election analysis).

Second, these results are...something. I can say I am more shocked about Clinton 's loss than Trump 's win. I did not think…

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