O ' Connor 's A Good Man Is Hard Essay

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O’Connor uses symbolism in “A Good Man Is Hard to Find” in connecting real life and the story
“A Good Man Is Hard to find” is one of the early works of O’Connor published in 1953 (O 'Connor & Asals 4). The short story at great extents makes an excellent illustration of the ability of the author to systematically combine humor with thematic material. O’Connor portrays a sense of a society that she thought was changing for worse. O’Connor is displeased with her society and depicts her opinion by using the grandmother to demonstrate what was happening at that particular time. The story reveals the demise of O’Connor’s society through a fascinating gap between the grandmother and her family with the grandmother representing the devoutness of the catholic religion (O 'Connor & Asals 6). The narrative begins with preparations for a family vacation in Florida and immediately focuses on the grandmother who would rather visit friends in east Tennessee rather than Florida. The story further reveals the cold murder of a family member led by a notorious killer, Misfit. Through the story, the author demonstrates her ability to effectively illustrate themes and techniques that characterized her typical story.
“A Good Man Is Hard to Find” is very rich in use of literary devices and symbolism is a notable literary device in the short story. The hat of the grandmother is an outstanding symbol through the story as it represented the position of the grandmother as a lady. The…

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