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Understand That Individuals with Dementia May Communicate In Different Ways CT244.1

1.1 Explain how individuals with dementia may communicate through their behaviour:

Individuals with dementia find it difficult to understand words and meanings and forget what is being said even while we are speaking. Communication is more difficult if they are tired or upset. You may find they repeat questions frequently as they cannot remember asking them. When talking to an individual who has any form of dementia ensure that you speak clearly and face the individual. Make sure there are no distracting sounds. Maintain eye contact and remain calm and pleasant. Use simple sentences and words always giving the individual time to understand.
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1.4 Describe how different forms of dementia may affect the way the individual communicates:
Dementia is a collection of symptoms including memory loss, personality change and impaired intellectual functions resulting from disease or trauma to the brain. These changes are not part of normal ageing and are severe enough to impact daily living, independence and relationships. With dementia there will likely be a noticeable decline in communication, learning, remembering and problem solving. These changes can happen quickly or over a period of time.
The progression and outcome of dementia vary, but are largely determined by the type of dementia and which area of the brain is affected. Diagnosis is possible through advanced brain imaging, clinical examinations and diagnostic testing
2.1 Give examples of positive interactions with individuals who have dementia: Ensure there is a positive interactive environment. Make sure you have the attention of the person with dementia. Be clear when speaking. If not successful, re approach later or ask someone else to try. Ask yes or no questions giving simple choices are also ways for a chance at successful communication. Keep body language in mind. Redirect when communication becomes difficult and reassure at all times. Reminiscing is a great way to

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