Nutritional Summary Example

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Nutritional Summary After analyzing the macronutrients and the targeted nutrients for not only the vegetarian meatball but the carrot noodles and the Italian couscous I have identified the nutrients the dish is high in, but also the nutrients that could be improved. All together my dish has 601 kcal and only meet 20.3% of the DRI for calories. Although the calories are on the low side there are many ways to increase this value. To increase calories amount things like couscous or lentils could be added to the meatballs or nuts could be added to the couscous. Also, an increase in the meatball portion size would increase calories. It is important to consume adequate calories because your body used energy stored from the breakdown of food for movement, growth, and repair. My dish contains 37.7g of fat or 41% of …show more content…
This dish contains 245% of the DRI for Vitamin K. Vitamin K is important in blood clotting and calcium transportation. Iron, which is an important nutrient for vegetarians, makes to over 50% of the DRI. Iron is important is transports oxygen from the lungs to the rest of the body. Not consuming enough Iron can lead to a lack of RBC and iron deficiency anemia (Watson , 2017 ). This dish is also high in calcium with the dish making up 22.2% of the DRI. Calcium is important to for bone health as well as muscle and nerve transmissions. Vitamin B-12 only makes up 4.2% of the DRI in this dish. B-12 is an important vitamin for vegetarians because it helps in maintaining healthy cell and with the production of RNA and DNA. To increase this value, I would recommend the addition of nutritional yeast, fortified tofu, and fortified cheeses to the dish. This dish is also low in Vitamin D. Vitamin D makes up only .23% of the DRI. Vitamin D is important for promoting healthy bone growth and calcium absorption. To increase this value, I would recommend the addition of mushrooms, fortified milk, and fortified tofu to this

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