Essay on Nutritional Intake And Dietary Intake

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Analysis of Dietary Intake
1. My seven days food record are typical for my food intake. I don’t change my diet too much. I tend to by similar food every weak.
2. I eat five times a day. I have breakfast, lunch, afternoon snack, diner and evening snack. I eat at relatively same time every day.
3. My evening snack is purely psychological. I’m busy all day with school, work, cooking, cleaning and my children. In the evening when my kids are finally in bed and the house is quiet I make myself big cup of tea and I have some cookies (usually 4).
4. The calorie needs are adjusted for weight loss. Total calories per day was set at 2000 Calories.

Individual Dietary Analysis
1. On average I ate 280 g of carbohydrates.
2. Recommended intake for carbohydrates was 130 g.
3. Carbohydrate rich foods:
• Day 1 – cookies, bread, banana, apple, milk
• Day 2 – cake, bread, yogurt, pizza, apple, strawberry juice
• Day 3 – yogurt, banana, bread, cookies, cake, milk
• Day 4 – bagel, cookies, bread, milk, banana, strawberry juice
• Day 5 – mashed potatoes, bagel, cookies, bread, banana, apple, milk, strawberry juice
• Day 6 – cookies, bread, apple sauce, yogurt, milk, banana, strawberry juice, breaded pork chop
• Day 7 – rice, cookies, bread, grapes, apple, milk
On average I consumed 280 g of carbohydrates/day, which includes 137 g of total sugars and 16 g of fiber. Sugars contribute most to my carbohydrate intake
4. This project really made me realize how much sugar I consume. I…

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