Nutritional Analysis : Food Intake Essays

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Nutritional Analysis As a college student, it can be hard to eat right, exercise regularly, all while trying to balance a social and an academic life. After completing this nutritional analysis I learned that there are ways to change my daily lifestyle. Throughout this analysis I will discuss my current daily intake compared to the recommended intake, my energy expenditure and body composition, my mood and cognitive behavior, and finally I will set goals and discuss recommendations for myself. Food Intake Based on the USDA food patterns chart in our textbook, a person should consume at least one cup fruits, vegetables and dairy products, one ounce grains and proteins, and one teaspoon oil on a daily basis. Looking at this compared to the food listed in my appendix, I could stand to consume more dairy, protein, and fruits, and fewer oils. I can do this by switching water for milk at a meal, putting meat on my salads, and grabbing an apple on my way out the door. Although I am consuming fewer calories than recommended I can still cut out fats by using less dressing, on salads and sandwiches. By switching processed foods for more fresh choices, I will be able to get my daily recommendations for vitamins and minerals as well. Overall, my consumption of recommended nutrients is adequate but could use some adjusting.
Energy Expenditure & Body Composition After calculating my EER, I determined that my daily caloric need is 2269 calories. Based on my appendix, each…

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