Nutrition Report

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In my three day report i was very surprised to see my variance in my consumption of essential nutrients and calories compared to my prior thinking. I believe that the TEE calculation is more reliable and correct than my finding of the MyPlate. Being active in both athletics and weightlifting, I truly believe that the TEE formula take more into account than the MyPlate estimation. According to my TEE formula I am predicted to consume approximately 3,240 kcalories per day. MyPlate suggests around 3200, which are very close, but I prefer the more precise estimate that the TEE formula suggests. On my average day, I only consumed 2,772 kcal, which is almost 500 under my total goal. Which means that I am losing weight and is not a good suggestion …show more content…
I get this by drinking milk and eating my dairy products. By drinking lots of protein shakes i have no issue getting milk and calcium into my diet. By eating bananas and potatoes i can recieve my potassium that i need. According to my report, I intake 3869 mg of potassium on the average day. Compare to the 4700mg recommended I need to increase my intake by eating other vegetables like squash or dairy products like yogurt. By adding just one of these to my average day i will meet the daily requirements that i need. For iron, i consume around 19mg of iron, which is above my 11mg suggested. I get this by eating cereal, chicken, and beef. I tend to lean towards meat more than eating vegetables because i worry about protein more than my vitamins which is not the way to look at it. From learning the importance of these essential vitamins and minerals i will make more educated nutritional choices when i …show more content…
Helping people has always been a huge part of my life and knowing that i can help some be healthier and potentially live longer brings a smile to my face. These lessons have helped me so much from learning about eating disorders and in the future helping my children grow and develop at a successful rate. This report assognmetn truly benfitted me because I now have a gereralization of my eatin ghabbits and how I can improve them. Writing a paper on it is not very fub, but it defiently taught me more about myself than any test or woorksheet would have. Nutrition is a subject that intrigues me and i can not wait to learn about what is to come in the next

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