Reflective Essay On Carbs

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Reflection Starting on November 10th, I began a thirty-day challenge in which I would eat considerably fewer carbs than I normally would. I knew this was going to be a difficult goal for me because I love many foods that contain carbs such as pizza, pasta, bread, and numerous other things. Although I knew it would be strenuous, I also realized that carbs are most likely the biggest problem I have with not being able to lose weight. My stomach bloats severely almost everytime I eat and based on trial and error, there is one cause- carbs (SC8). This is not healthy or comfortable for me, therefore, I decided to cut back on my intake of them (BE6). I first downloaded several apps on my phone that could be used to track my carb intake. After trying each one out, I picked the one I felt would work the best for my overall need for it. Once I picked the app I was going to use I decided that 150 grams of carbs would be a good maximum goal for each day starting out. I soon learned that this would not be an achievable goal for me for one simple reason: I was not willing to totally give up the foods I love, just minimize …show more content…
Not that I am overweight but that I just don’t have that flat stomach that many of the girls in my class do. My parents have tried many diets and I’ve seen some work for them and some that only lasted a week or two before they gave up. After seeing diets do nothing for my parents, I never had the urge to try eating healthy (BE9). Why would I want to limit myself from eating the foods I like just to be skinny (BE7)? However, in recent years my goal has changed from being about being skinny to being healthy. My eating habits up to this point were atrocious as are most teenagers, but the difference is many don’t have to worry about it until they are older because it hasn’t caught up to them yet. I, however, have to be conscious of these habits now in order to achieve my

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