Nutrition Of Nutrition Throughout Life Span Essay

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Nutrition Throughout Life
Good nutrition throughout the life span is essential if infants are to grow into healthy adults with successful development into old age. However, with the shocking rates of malnutrition and obesity, it appears that infants, children, and adults are not attaining sufficient nutritional status. Concern over poor nutrition has become more apparent in the last ten years (Shepherd, 2008). Nutrition, whether healthy or poor, can affect an individual’s biological, psychological, and socioemotional development throughout the life span.
Healthy Nutrition The child before birth requires sufficient nutrition in order for him or her to achieve optimal health physically and mentally. Even though a healthy diet is important all the time, it is especially important during pregnancy. The mother now has to provide enough energy and nutrients to meet both hers and the baby’s requirements (Shepherd, 2008). The food consumed by the mother is the primary source of nutrients for the baby and weight management is important. It is encouraged that women plan out their meals to ensure their diet is balanced and become knowledgeable about foods to avoid. It is also recommended that women intake extra iron and folic acid (Jones, Housman, & McAleese, 2010). 400 micrograms daily is the recommended amount, which is about twice the amount the average woman needs. Spinach and Orange juice are two examples of foods that are higher in folic acid (Santrock, 2013).…

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