Nutrition Is The Main Source For A Body Essay example

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Nutrition is the main source for a body to do any work whether it may be physical or mental, poor nutrition affects the body.
Nutrition is the main source for the body development where as mental development also, nutrition in other words can said as poor diet. Regular intake of food or proteins required for a body can. This may affect the person at any age, in US and where as other countries poor nutrition is major problem which affects a person such that he becomes unhealthy .The main cause of poor nutrition or malnutrition is due to lack of sufficient proteins required to a body. Children are the ones who are much affected by malnutrition. There are several problems caused by malnutrition which are seen highly in school children.
Children who take their meals doesn’t have sufficient amount of proteins or nutrients where it deals to lot of problems like memory loss, obesity, under growth of body, losing mental ability to think ,these are some of the main problems which affects the children. One of the major problem of malnutrition or poor nutrition is memory loss. Students suffering from memory loss cannot be able to remember things or lessons which they listen, this is all due to lack of energy which is not acquired to their body by the food what they intake .Children who doesn’t get required amount of nutrients lack their power and knowledge where they cannot perform well in studies .Parents are the one who must take care of their students and check whether they are…

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