Nutrition Is The Intake Of Food Essay

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I think that nutrition is not composed of only what you eat, but also includes the factors that influence what you eat, how much you eat of each type of food, when you eat, how safe the food is that you eat, what you do in addition to eating, the effect of the food upon your body, how efficient your body is in utilizing the nutrients pulled from the foods to maintain your body’s metabolic state, how much food we have available in our community and worldwide. Our classroom text defines nutrition as the science that studies food and how food nourishes our body and influences our health. The World Health Organization states that nutrition is the intake of food that is considered in relation to the body’s dietary needs. The National Institute of Health says that nutrition is about eating a healthy and balanced diet; according to their definition of nutrition, your choice of food and drink provides you with the energy and nutrients your body systems need and in term, determines your level of health. Which of these definitions of nutrition is correct? All of them are. Well then, which one most accurately describes or defines your idea of nutrition? As Thompson and Manore point out, we can think of nutrition as the discipline that encompasses everything about food.
In studying nutrition, we have slowly started to appreciate the importance it has in dealing with our health. Sales, Pelegrini, and Goersch state that the search for knowledge in regards to discovering more healthy and…

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