Nutrition Intake And Weight Intake Essay

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Did your total fat intake equal about 25-30% of your total calorie intake for the day, with saturated fats accounting for no more than 7% of the total fat intake?

My total fat intake did not equal about 25% - 30% of my total calorie intake for the day. My total fat intake for October 20 was only 24% of my total calorie intake. I was actually quite surprised that I did not make the recommended amount for this day. I clearly ate foods that were high in fat such as avocado and peanut butter, but I still did not manage to make the daily recommended amount of fat indicated by my DRI. In terms of the amount of saturated fats, 6% of the fat that I consumed that day came from saturated fats, hence I did manage to stay within the frame recommended.

Did your intake of the two essential fatty acids meet the DRIs for those nutrients?

Unfortunately, my intake of the two essential fatty acids did not meet the DRI recommended for these nutrients. For the PFA 18:2, linoleic fatty acid the DRI was 12 grams and my actual intake was of 7.23 grams which was 60% of my daily intake. Furthermore, for the PFA 18:3, linolenic the DRI was 1.1 grams and my actual intake was 0.54 g which was 49% of my daily intake . I was better at consuming linoleic acids that day over linolenic acids because that day I consumed avocado and peanut butter which would be consider linoleum acids and I did not consume any sort of food that might have linoleum acids such as fish.

Did you have any trans fat in your…

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