Yo-Yo Dieting: A Case Study

On the recommendation of Dr. Blunt, I met with Dr. Tran, a registered dietitian nutritionist. Dr. Tran explained that fad diets to not work for long term weight loss. Additionally, she explained that making healthy food swaps is the key to a healthy nutrition plan. Simple changes such as buying whole grain bread instead of white bread it a way to increase fiber intake. I personally have started substituting some of my unhealthy snacks with snacks that are more nutritious. For example, instead of chips, I have a hand full of almonds. Almonds contain healthy fats and are packed with protein. Another healthy swap that I have made is opting for sweet potatoes instead of regular white potatoes. Sweet potatoes are full of essential nutrients and provide complex carbohydrates. According to Dr. Tran having a balanced nutrition plan full or protein and complex carbohydrates is important for maintaining a stable weight. Carbohydrates give you energy and protein keeps your satiety levels up, your blood sugar stable, and creates more metabolism-boosting muscle (19 Ways to Really, Finally Keep the Weight Off for Good). While good nutrition is very important for breaking the cycle of yo-yo dieting, it must be accompanied by fitness plan. After meeting with Dr. …show more content…
I learned I can do this by, slowly build up a calorie deficit by moderately cutting intake and increasing physical activity. Slow changes are much more likely to stick than abrupt ones that happen overnight. Therefore, slow change is the key to losing weight, keeping it off and improving overall health. More importantly, I have learned that adapting a healthy life-style is key to my not only my body but also my mind and spirit as well. Good healthy is a total package, and I after this I feel I have the tools I need to make the changes necessary to achieve my

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