Nutrition And How The Digestive System Works Essay

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In this project a experiment is being conducted based on the hypothesis being studied which is can a fruit density indicate the nutrition value? This paper explains the science of nutrition and how the digestive system works; also makes real world connections between food and obesity; has guidelines based on types of foods that are considered malnutrition; gives insight on density and how nutrition in food is related; and informs readers on the different types of nutrition and how they are different from each other. This project is being designed to test former knowledge on others who have conducted this experiment; and to answer many questions such as what is the difference between nutrients based fruit and regular fruits?
Does dense fruits influence you health, and are there research studies that prove that a fruit can be dense but not have any nutrient value to it?
Nutrition is the process of in taking food for are dietary needs, nutrition is a source of fuel for energy or a raw material used to expand growth in a human body (Oxford University Nutrition also keeps the your body healthy and functioning properly . Humans didn’t start looking at the nutrient based foods or labels until the early 1860 and 1900’s. Labeling food with wasn’t accessed our created until the Food and Drug Administration otherwise known as FDA was founded by Theodore Roosevelt and created by Harvey Washington Riley ( Hunger and malnutrition have infuriated today society.…

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