Nutrition And Health Benefits Of Rice Essay

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Rice is one of the major staple food that serves a large part of the human population in the world, especially in the Asian countries. It was the most popular and advance food that serve the basis of the Asian civilization. The following paragraphs will discuss the nutrition and health benefits of rice. Also, demonstrating how other countries use and consume rice in different ways. Next, the paper will focus on the rice production in a global perspective and address the sale values from place to place to further analysis the impact on the economy.

Rice consists of nutrition factors such as protein, Vitamin B1, A, E and a variety of minerals for the human body. In addition, there are also several health benefits that can offer to the human body. First, rice contains powerful ingredients that can lower down the cholesterol which makes the human heart more resistant to heart-related diseases. The second benefit is related to carbohydrates. Rice contains a lot of carbohydrates, which provides enough energy for the human bodies to walk and exercise. Lastly, the third benefit is maintaining body weight. Rice is the perfect food to help digestion and keep the human diet in balance. (JustForHearts, 2011). Therefore, rice is a valuable food source for the people to maintain a healthier heart, sufficient energy and sustain body weight.

Rice is believed to be found in China around 10,000 BCE in the Yangtze Valley. Next, after that it spread to the rest of Asia, then to the…

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