Nutrition : A Healthy Lifestyle Essay

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5. Action Plan Nutrition is critical to a healthy lifestyle. After analyzing the results from my diet analysis, I have determined that there are numerous areas in my diet that are in need of change. Specifically, three of the changes that I should implement in my diet to improve my nutrition are increasing my consumption of calcium and vitamin D by consuming three dairy products each day, replacing traditional meat such as chicken or beef with seafood for three meals each week, and increasing my intake of healthy grains by adding 2-3 more ounces of whole grains to my daily diet. Increasing my consumption of vitamin D and calcium is absolutely critical to my overall health. My diet analysis for the week showed that I was severely lacking both of these nutrients, with vitamin D being my lowest vitamin/mineral overall. Calcium and vitamin D play a key role in bone health, and without them in my diet, I am putting myself at risk for the development of osteoporosis and osteomalacia in the future. I can prevent this by simply consuming the recommended three dairy products per day. One way that I plan to implement this change in my diet is by simply drinking low fat milk with my meals. In the past, I have usually drank water with meals, so by replacing this with milk I will easily add many necessary nutrients to my diet. Another way that I plan to implement this change is by purchasing dairy products that have a longer shelf life, such as string cheese and cottage…

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