Essay on Nutrient Intake Based On My Food Intake

1534 Words Mar 23rd, 2016 null Page
Based on the comparison data that has been compiled from my 3-day food diary on Eatracker, running from March 13th to March 15th, each day I basically ate meals that consisted of the same food with small substitutions between the 3 days. For instance, for breakfast I would have my lemon water and omelet everyday and dinner I would usually have chicken with a side dish that could vary from roasted potatoes, Caesar salad or brown rice and for. Now since most of meals for each day consisted of the same food, any of the 3 days could best represent my typical eating pattern. The day that I chose to analyze was the second day, March 14th 2016.
To begin, by examining my nutrient intake based on my food intake for March 14th, the nutrients that I found myself to be deficient in, considering deficient meaning 25% lower than the recommended daily intake value, are: Potassium 57%, Calcium 41%, Vitamin D 17% and Vitamin E 71%. For me, being deficient in these nutrients doesn’t only mean that I am lacking them in my diet, it also means that there could be some short and long-term health consequences that develop by being deficient in these nutrients. For Potassium deficiency, also known as hypokalemia, some of the short -term consequences that could develop are: weakness, fatigue, constipation, muscle twitches, nausea and vomiting. Some of the long-term health consequences that come with Potassium deficiency are: heart arrhythmias, low blood pressure, loss of muscle control (bowel),…

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