Nutraenterprises Llc And Dietary Formulae Inc. Essay

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NutraEnterprises LLc and Dietary Formulae Inc. have developed a new appetites suppressant and weight loss gum. The gum is to be marketed under the brand names NuTrimU and Slimtrim Hoodia. Herbal and medicinal chewing gums have been rising in popularity recently, due in part to their discretion and ease, as well as the large absorption rate into the body, about 90% of active ingredients. This is comparably higher than the average 20% absorption obtained from conventional supplements. The gum 's active ingredient is Hoodia Gordonii. This plant has long been used by the people of Southern Africa for indigestion and minor infections. In 1977, the ingredredian hoodia (also P57) was isolated, which is responsible for its appetite-suppressant effect. Its rapid absorpment creates a feeling of fullness and decreases the desire to eat. While the plants ability to work as an appetite suppressant has not been conclusively proven, Richard M. Goldfarb, medical director of Bucks County Clinical Research in Pennsylvania conducted a study of Hoodia gordonii on seven overweight people and found it effective. The participants lost, on average, 3.3% of their body weight. However, other medical weight loss experts remain skeptical and do not recommend hoodia to obese patients because there is no published scientific data yet to support its use. The lack of scientific evidence, though, has not stopped companies from marketing the supplement with claims of lowering blood pressure and decreasing…

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