Nurture over Nature Essay example

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Nurture Over Nature
Most males and females responsibilities are shaped by our society. As we grow up our parents hold us to the stereotypes that they were raised in during their generation. As a boy we were taught to never cry, to and show your feelings, and to be brave. As a female they were taught to be innocent, classy, and to be beautiful. I personally think that our gender is influenced by our culture/society (nurture). As a young adolescence we are taught to be in our lanes. Meaning that if you were a girl you would do girl things such as; playing with dolls, dressing up, and being innocent. As young boys we were taught that being tough was being a boy. Being that “tough” boy means being emotionally tough, physically tough, and
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In the second video we watched it told us about the relationship between violence and being a male. The graph shows the comparison with males and violence due to the stereotypes of being a male. Males where killing other males to show their bravery and strength, and to show the power of a man over a woman. Also in the video it said that it was men eighteen to thirty-six (18 - 36) years old that were causing the violence. The men that were interview also agreed to the stereotypes standards of being a man. They said in order to be a man you had to be brave, strong, independent, powerful, and more. If you were a man but not living up to those expectations you would be known as soft, a baby, a girl, an explicit word I cannot use, and also more. It all starts with how you are raised. If you are raised in an environment that is bias towards some things you may grow up being bias towards it too. Most of what I feel is from experience. When I was playing football and gotten hit “too hard” I wanted to quit but my father would not let me because I “was not manly” to quit something without finishing it. It was the way I was raised that made me a think that it was nurture over

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