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Vark Analysis Paper

Vark Analysis Paper
The visual, aural, read/write, kinesthetic (VARK) questionnaire was invented by Nick Fleming in order to help students and/or teachers understand their learning styles. The questionnaire is made up of 16 questions and when finished, it compiles information gathered, and the best learning style is revealed. "The learning style is rather a description of a process, or of preferences" (Fleming, 2006). By answering the questions as truthfully as possible, best gives the most accurate learning style. The information obtained from the questionnaire allows the student to best use their learning style to benefit their studies, which could potentially improve grades. It is a known fact everyone
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Each style of learning has different study strategies. Visual learners take information provided in lecture or teaching and condense the information into pictures, diagrams, flow charts, and graphs. They use highlighters to highlight only the information that is important for learning. In order for these learners to do well with information learned they can "replace words with symbols or initials" (VARK) to remember information more clear, and do better on assessments or exams. Visual learners can also make charts or colored layouts as well in hopes of best remembering the information learned. Aural learners use hearing as their learning style. They attend classes, discuss topics with others and listen to what others say, use tape recorders, and generally with notes they leave spaces to go back and insert information they might have missed while listening to the lecture. Strategies for aural learners to use in order to be successful on assessments or exams would be to imagine lecturer talking when taking exam or listen to their voices. Many find it important to find quiet time prior to exam in order to recall information.
Read/write learners usually intake information in by taking lots of notes and reading any and all materials there are on the subject manner. They use many resources and their notes are usually taken exactly how the lecturer verbalizes material. Strategies for read/write learner to use to prepare for an examination would be

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