Altruism In Nursing

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Nursing can be illustrated in many different ways. Some may say nursing is the overall care for an ill patient. Others might say nursing illustrates thoughtful and selfless tasks to improve the care for the patient. Everyone has their opinions when discussing the topic of nursing. Although these opinions may be true or false, many individuals overlook the value of nursing. A nurse exhibits many essential values including caring, altruism, autonomy, human dignity, integrity, and social justice. Values such as these can insure success for nurses everywhere. A woman named Florence Nightingale possessed ample values that changed the outlook of nursing. Nightingale portrayed altruism in a way that opened many eyes in the world of nursing. Altruism …show more content…
The student nurse chose this career because he wanted to make a difference in someone’s life. After reviewing many careers that might have influenced the student nurse, he finds that nursing deals with patients daily and has an opportunity to impact the life of others. By changing and saving the lives of others, the student nurse concludes this profession is perfect. Having the opportunity to impact another person’s life is inspiring and something the student nurse can smile about at the end of the day. Another reason the Student nurse chose to pursue his career in nursing would be learning continuously. While working in a healthcare profession, the student nurse learns something new every day. Likewise, nursing is a career that changes over the course of the years. New vaccines and medications are being created every year. The Student nurse will learn new treatments and cures for disease. A final reason the student nurse chose to intake the career of nursing is the involvement in many different job opportunities. The diverse jobs in the nursing profession is incredible. If the student nurse shadows a Registered Nurse (RN) who works in the OP, the student nurse might or might not find it interesting. He may find interests in some other nursing department. The student nurse has a world of opportunities to explore. These are many reasons the student nurse chose to continue his study in …show more content…
These values compare to the reasons the student nurse wants to continue nursing because they share many qualities. When comparing the values and reasons, the qualities they share include upholding a bond between the nurse and patient, saving the life of ill individuals, and deciding the best job for the student nurse. The quality of upholding a bond with the student nurses patient is essential. This is compared to the nursing values because the student nurse should know the patient and become the patients caring helper. For example, a nurse should uphold a bond with the patient by entering a room and knowing the patients history, checking on them frequently, and learning the personality of the patient. By doing this, the patient will feel important and know he or she is in good hands. Saving the life of sick patients also compares to the values of nursing. This compares to the values of nursing because the nurse should have knowledge of what to do in an emergency situation. Having human dignity expresses respect to the patient if the person is facing life or death situations. An example could be illustrated when a patient suddenly stops breathing. The student nurse immediately starts Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR). After a few minutes of CPR, the patient starts breathing

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