Nursing Theory : The Professional Nurse With A Foundation Essay

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Nursing theory provides the professional nurse with a foundation to build upon. Warelaw (2013) states, as nursing continues to grow and evolve, maintaining our unique body of knowledge and skills is critical. Nurses frequently perform skills and tasks once completed by physicians; preventing the blurring of professional boundaries is crucial, theory maintains boundaries. According to McCrae (2011), the nursing profession and practice must remain grounded in theory, doing so enhances nursing practice, research, and education; it empowers the practitioner in their clinical decision making and practice. As Alligood (2014) notes, theory provides a systematic approach in which the professional nurse synthesizes skills and knowledge from multiple sources incorporating application to practice. For example, Surucu and Kizilci (2012) applied Orem’s self-care deficit nursing theory (SCDNT) to the diabetic patient. The goal was to improve self-care behaviors and outcomes of the diabetic patient. Dorothea Orem’s self-care deficit nursing theory, (as cited by Seed & Torkelson, 2012), empowers the individual through partnership with the nursing agency to make choices in care and treatment. There are 6 components to the SCDNT concept: 1) self-care, 2) self-care requisites, 3) self-care and dependent-care agency, 4) therapeutic self-care demand, 5) self-care deficit, and 6) nursing agency. Self –care is a deliberate act which the individual completes, as they have the capability to…

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