Nursing Theory Case Study

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Register to read the introduction… “Self-care agency to meet individual’s needs for self-care action in order to sustain life and health, recover from disease or injury, and cope with effects”(Meleis, 2012)
“Eliminate deficit between self-capabilities and demand”(Meleis, 2012)

“There is a deficit between self-care capabilities and self-care demands of patients”(Meleis, 2012)

Imogene King
The Second School of Thought: Interaction
Columbia University Teacher’s College

St. Louis Univeristy
Idea that nurse and client communicate information, set goal mutually and then act to attain those goals, is what Imogene King believes the nursing process to be. Therefore Interactions must be made for goals to be reached(Wills, 2002).
“A process of action, reaction, and interaction whereby nurse and client share information about their perceptions of the nursing situation and agree on goals.”(Meleis, 2012)
“Help individuals maintain their health so they can function in their role”(Meleis,
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Nursing guides unitary human beings in finding meaning in situations”(Meleis, 2012)
Cocreating and finding ways of meaning.(Meleis,
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This means that the patient provides their definition of quality of life and the nurse uses the patients personal definition in order to obtain that goal. “The human becoming theory of nursing presents an alternative to both the conventional bio-medical approach and the bio-psycho-social-spiritual (but still normative) approach of most other theories of nursing” (1995). This school of thought is similar to the interaction school of thought, but instead of only addressing the patient nurse interaction, it goes above and beyond to also develop a process of care for the patient the nurse is interacting with. Parse believes that nursing can help humans achieve “becoming” through ways of working together to cocreate their own definition of health and find meanings in situations. Care theory has taught us that caring is central to the discipline of nursing and that understanding is a part of this caring act. I use this theory everyday in my work as a couple care nurse. Often I hear people say to me, “Oh you deal with healthy people all day, you probably just sit around and hold babies.” For me, this could not be farther from the oppsite of what I actually do. I can not walk into a room of a new single mother who is seventeen and treat her the same way I would with a mother who has

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